LayingPieces Of Carpet

I hugged something missing forever. Then I realized, it was gone. Nothing tied me to him any longer. Nothing at all. I was finally sane and over and nothing kept me at all. And when I came back to reality, the present, I was under the new boy, shaking as he put his lips over mine. It was ‘beautiful’ and nothing mattered and the line did not know where to be drawn. So now I think about everything. And there will always be that someone, that first. And supplements will be made out of memories. We talked, and as I listened to my past on the other end of the dead line, I wondered, and I asked myself, where was this communication before? Why did we not talk this much ever. He had let go, and all feeling and emotion from before was gone. I wanted to tell him. They will never love you like I loved you. And they will never love me like you loved me.

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