Closet Red Sox Fans

Kara stood up, sipping her soda as she looked out across the vast field of Fenway Park. The crowd that filled the park was a happy, excited bunch, cheering on the greatest team in baseball. Next to her were two empty seats. They had been empty for the first three innings and she wondered why someone would miss a sox game. She turned her attention back to the game as two men started towards the empty seats. She didn’t pay much attention to them until she could see who they were. The man with light-brown hair was wearing a Youkilis jersey and faded jeans, carring a beer. His darker haired friend behind him wore a Beckett jersey and matching faded jeans, also with a beer. Kara began to grin uncontrollably when she recognized them and waited for them to reach their seats before she spoke. “Hey guys.” She greeted. The first man stopped short, causing his friend to bump into him. “Chris, what the fuck?” He exclaimed. Chris didn’t reply. He recognized Kara and horror washed over his face. “It’s..Kara.” He whispered.

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