Through the ringing in her ears, the buzzing in her head and the rush of air from every beat of Lucifer’s wings, Winters heard parts of their conversation.

“We do not wish it to end this way,” Lucifer was explaining. His voice rang clamorously in her ears and waves of nausea ran over her. She couldn’t make out their words.

When she could hear again, Lilith was whining, “But my children are ripe to destroy the world!”

“We will lead the world to destroy itself.”

Every time he spoke, his words hit her like sandbags. She couldn’t catch all of Lilith’s reply, but she heard her say something about “the end”.

Whatever she said, Lucifer didn’t seem impressed.

“We will not discuss this. You will call off your children.”

Winters heard footsteps and felt the wind shift.

“Where are you going?” Lilith cried.

Forcing open her eyes, Winters felt a moment’s terror: he was coming towards her! – No, he stopped at the door. Again his unnatural voice filled the room.

“We go to see to the welfare of our child.”

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