Colorful Awakening

I woke up in a kaleidescope. My eyes were attacked by a blurry haze of color.

Then, a smooth, tan face broke through the wall of impenetrable color above me.

“Your awake! Finally! Sire, come! The man is awake!” she said. Even through my blurry eyes, I saw her smile, and felt a cool cloth on my head.

Instantly, everything became clearer, and I remembered walking, no, running in the desert! The desert! The tracks! I suddenly felt a avalanche of questions assault my brain.

I sat up suddenly, and the questions rolled off of my tongue and out of my mouth. “Where am I? Where’s England? What am I doing here? Who are you? What are MFPHH !”

The lady laughed and took her hand off my mouth. “You know, you really should take water with you into the desert next time!”

I noticed she had a strange accent which I couldn’t place, and that the colors above me were actually a well-crafted, quite colorful rug, used now as a ceiling of what appeared to be a small tent.

Just then, a large man walked through the tent door.

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