OTOC's 303rd Challenge=]

Alrighty. I sorta missed the 300 mark, so this is the:

303rd Ficlet Challenge!


The challenge?! Okay.
Well, I could do something about music. Cause I’m really into music. If you haven’t noticed.=]
Or I could do something about Coca-Cola. Cause I’m drinking one right now.
You know what’s really good?
Flat soda.
Getting off topic. Sorry.

A diary entry.
That’s the only guideline I have.
You could easily make it a rant ficlet. Cause ranting is fun=]. Or you could completely make up a character and write an entry from their point of view.
Or really, you could start it as a rant thread but make it into something completely fantasytastic.
You could start it with the traditional Dear Diary, but that’s not a rule. It could start however you want to start it.

And btw – I totally love pulling pranks on guys when they come back from Mexico.

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