A Trick and Some Questions

I think I’m beginning to see. The trick is to let go. Let go of insecurities and fears. Don’t be reckless, just don’t be completely scared either. Then it will be easier to let that person out. You never know, you may suprise yourself.

But is there a cost? Are some people dissapointed? Do they miss the old person? The one that wasn’t really you? How awful is it when someone says, “Whatever happened to that quiet, nice Camille I knew last year?” when you voice your opinion?

It doesn’t feel to good. It makes you rethink yourself. “have I become a worse person?”

Where is that line? That line between trying to make yourself the best person you can be, without changing yourself? How do you find it? How close can you get, without stepping over such a thin line? And if you go over, can you get back? How?

Enough contemplating, it’s time for bed. Actually, about 3 hours past time for bed. To use a famous line, goodnight, and good luck.

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