School Journal: Day 1 [OTOC's 303rd challenge]


I hate having to keep a journal for English class. It’s stupid. And yes, I know the teacher is going to read this, and I don’t care! (You even said it’s fine if we don’t like it, so there!)

I don’t even know what to write. I don’t have any mushy lovesick stories, nor am I involved in sports or clubs at school. I barely do my homework!

And my family is not that interesting. My mom works too much, my dad doesn’t exist, and my little brother plays video games until I make him leave the couch so I can watch stupid sitcoms with fake family drama and whatever evening reality show the stations think is cool. We don’t have cable or satellite. We only get 4 channels. I don’t have any choice. I just can’t take listening to the stupid video game music for more than a few hours.

My hand hurts, so I’m gonna stop now. I’ve fulfilled my journaling duty for tonight and I refuse to write any more!

P.S. I don’t see how this is going to help anyone become a better person in 9 weeks.

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