They Don't Make A Card For This [Apology Challenge]

This is just to say I don’t know how you feel.

It’s always helpful to find someone who’s been there and can offer up some sage advice. Sorry, that’s not me.

I could tell you to go here or try there, but that would have you looking for justification, someone to blame, never addressing the real problem.

The real problem is inside you. I can’t help you here either. Only you can help you.

I miss your smile and your warm greetings. I care about you. I think about you. But I cannot help you.

If you want to talk, or hang out, fine, just don’t expect miracles to come from me. I won’t have the words to say to make it all better, nor the answers to your questions.

I just want you to know I’m here for you as you go through this. I won’t leave. You know where to find me, if you choose. But I’ll be doing my own thing and living my life, too. I won’t stop for you.

Best wishes and all my love,
[insert name here]

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