"This Is Just To Say..."(The Apology Challenge)

This is just to say, I am very sorry for all the pain I have caused you over the years.

Forgive me I am not perfect, nor am I a perfect parent. I to grew up with the wide eye inspirataion I wanted from my parents but life is just that a dissapointment at times.

I want to tell you first that I love you no matter what you might feel for me. I can never make up for the time you thought you lost with me and the time I should have been there for you.

I to even at my age still have some growing up to do. We don’t talk any more, we don’t hang out any more. I really do not know what to say to you at times its so quit.

Guilt can do that. I am here now and I hope that as your mother I can now try to go forward and build on our relationship. I want say I will make up for all the time we lost because It’s lost.

What I can say is this, Jesus loved me and forgave me so I am asking for your forgiveness also.

We have to walk this life togather and not live in the past. This is just to say I am sorry.
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