A Great High (One More Word Challenge)


“I know.”

I breathed in. The air seemed sweeter. Evan slid down the wall. A grin stretched across his face. Slowly, I felt mine do the same. God damn it, this stuff was fucking fantastic!

“Man, this is the best way to get high!”

“Dude, I know, it makes me feel all… sparkly!” Evan laughed, his voice too slow and loud for me. “Oh no, man, I think I’m totally freaking out right now.” The world began to spin around me, started to make me sick.

“Shit, dude, what in fuck’s name did you mix with our stuff?” I shook my head, hoping, wishing that it would all be over soon. My stomach jumped into my throat, making me gag, and my tongue felt bigger. I could feel myself choking on my own tonsils; my own body was killing me! Evan’s eyes popped out of his head and he started gesturing to his throat and squeaking.

I scurried toward the tin as quickly as humanly possible, tossing the lid aside when I could. The leaves were bright purple, like they should be, so what on this damn planet could be wrong?

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