Oasis of Nectrune

Drant looked through his vizishield into the Oasis of Nectrune. The only way you could call that hellhole an oasis was if you knew the context.

To the newbie spacesetter, this land was nothing but death, made fresh-to-order, any time they felt like venturing too far from a heliochamber.

At least there was the slim chance of survival, unlike other areas. Find a storm cavern, make sure your aquacans aren’t punctured, activate your cocoon mesh (found in all government issued outerwear) and pray the winds don’t shift.

Another storm was approaching. Drant signaled his mining team to pull the thrust units into their storage chambers. There was no point prepping for work until this latest system flowed through.

With newfound competition, humankind has had to settle on more and more inhospitable planets. Without the Titallium that his team supplied, construction would be halted on 3 outer territories.

Drant cursed, it was time to call General Mbendair and tell him the waiting game was back on.

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