We Fell in Love (Apology Challenge)

We fell in love. It was utter bliss. The times we spent together were the best of my life. I felt the sparks of love. I stopped talking to my friends and did everything with you. To bad it all was a waste.

You told me that we would be together forever. Told me that I was the only one. That we were meant to be. I believed all that crap too!

Then I saw you with her. I caught you red handed. You were all over her. We fought. Still you told me that I was the only one and all that. You said it was a weak point and you would never do it again. You said you could change. Then you kissed me tenderly to seal the deal. I stayed with you, to bad you were lying!

After telling me you were sick, I caught you at the mall all over her for the second time. This time is was over. You begged, you pleaded. It was all lies. I can’t believe I wasted my life on all this! So for all of this I am sorry. I am sorry you’re an idiot and you will never change.

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