A Simple Smile Can Brighten A Day (1)

In a world where people live in life with out a smile to brighten their day, one young man stood apart from the rest. He was a little over six feet tall, and he wore a tall, dark blue suit with a golf turf green tie. His eyes were highlighted when he wore this tie, and his blonde hair looked perfect in contrast to his suit.

As he did everyday on his way to the subway, he planted a wide grin on his face and trotted down the dirt encrusted sidewalks. He chose a particular spot to await for the train, right next to a young lady, barely out of college he guessed, also waiting. When she looked over his way, he returned her sorrowful face with a smile, and a polite, “Good morning, lovely.”

This made her smile and blush ever so faintly. “Good morning, sir.”

Even this miniscule act of kindness put her in the jolliest mood, and when she arrived at work, she beamed to anybody who had the pleasure of gliding by her or daring a look her way.

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