The Little Prince Challenge!!!

I do believe it’s time to call forth a challenge (for no reason at all)!

Without further ado, I present…

The Little Prince challenge!!!

In case someone hasn’t read The Little Prince, it’s about the Little Prince, who lives on his own tiny planet about the size of a house. He leaves to visit six other tiny planets and Earth.

On each planet, he discovers an adult, that according to him is silly, because all they care about are their profession, money, power, alcohol, compliments, etc.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is:

Create a planet inhabited by an adult with some strange character trait that, according to you, is silly. (The Little Prince-esque) has a good summary of the strange adults, if you need inspiration and don’t own the book.

There really aren’t many guidelines, are there?

I’ll possibly judge sometime in the future, but I really just want to see how many great, creative ideas you guys can come up with!

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