Secret Hatred and the Hidden Pain

This cuts like a knife
And the blood is still dripping
But you wont so much as grab a towel
Because your so busy with yourself
And all of your contrived statements
Overachieved wisdom, from doing nothing
And you just stand there and do NOTHING !
But you point and you laugh
And you scornfully will say anything to ease your own soul
At me, when I am doing everything I can
And not a day goes by when I don’t dream
Not a day goes by when I don’t breathe in life like it’s the last breath I’ll take
But you just stand there, pretending
Posing like a friend when really you’ll rip me to shreds when given the chance
And I hate you for it…
But I have no choice but to pretend it’s all ok
My tears dont fall, they just stay in my eyes

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