Feel the Beat

Someone pressed the play button on the stereo. A numer one showed on the little screen and a steady beat sounded through the room. I nodded my head to the beat. The intro ended and the first verse began:
Let the rhythm move you.
It’s all up in your head.
Let it do what it do.
That’s what I just said.
Someone turned the music up louder. as I began to feel the beat pulsating through my body, I stood up. I swung my hips in wide, heavy circles and shook my shoulders. I set up and performed a perfect picque. The beat was flawless. As I closed my eyes and let my body free, I felt someone slide their hand down my side. It stopped at my hips and I felt another body against mine. We moved as one, brought together by the music. We thought as one, connected by our passion for the freedom of dance.
The song ended suddenly. Our bodies slowly stopped and I turned around to see who my angel was but he swept me up in the most passionate kiss I had ever had. I liked it so much that I never let go.

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