NEJA: Ping Dude

Nichole was grinning like a maniac. Ethan looked disturbed by both the teleportation and Nichole’s grinning. Josh was the same. Alex was chasing a butterfly.

“What are you thinking?” Ethan slowly asked Nichole, his words flowing together without a pause so it sounded more like Whhhhaaataaarrrreeeyouuuuthiiinnnnkinnng?

“Oh, nothing,” Nichole replied, the grin slowly, slowly fading. Josh and Ethan seemed even more frightened than before.

Alex was still chasing the butterfly when she ran into an ancient looking man.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she hurriedly apologized. The man just smiled and looked at them. Nichole’s grin finally stopped being a grin. She stared at the man.

“And you are….?” she inquired.

“Master Ping, of course!”

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