Monologue in stereo: Humpty Dumpty

I sometimes wonder about the whole “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, could not put Humpty together again” bit.

I mean, kings are not known for their altruism. Most likely Humpty had something on the king, and therefore the king was bound to try to assist. Which then leads me to the conclusion that if the king was forced to help, maybe he did not really have a vested interest in getting the egg back together again.

No wonder that they did not achieve success. Note that only the King’s men tried. Maybe a couple of neighborhood kids with super glue and a puzzle fetish could have re-assembled the egg with little trouble.

Which brings us to the nature of the egg. Surely this was not a big yolk-filled thing. Eggs are linked to fertility and fecundity. Maybe this is a story about a queen conceiving? Maybe the egg is an allegory for the fertility of such a queen.

Maybe the king had an illegitimate child that he favored above the issue of an arranged marriage.

Maybe the egg had help in falling…

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