There it was again. That same flicker in the bottom corner of the screen. A symbol the shape of a dragon in the bottom right corner continued to flash. Increasing in brightness then darkening again.

He knew what it was, why it was flashing, and what would happen if he didn’t respond to it.

He moved his mouse over the symbol and clicked it. It stopped flashing and a window opened up in the middle of his screen.

A message appeared inside the window saying, “We had no choice. The Xeno-virus was spreading to quickly, under government orders we had to shutdown the internet docking gate to stop the Xeno-virus from spreading. Now this is the funny part… the virus knew that and left before the gate closed while we were inside.”

They had failed. Traexz, the Xeno-virus, would make its way out into the world and every electronic device on the planet. Jairo, Legious, and Baas had failed their mission from containing the virus. There was no way of stopping the virus from now launching nuclear weapons…...

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