Angel of Wrath

She swept her sword through the demon’s chest.

blood gushed out of the wound and onto the angels robes.

She stabbed the dragon, and then hacked and bashed the

creature until it was writhing in agony. It lost its momentum

from falling and began to beat its heavy wings in the air.

The dragon’s enormous size and wings sent surges of wind

against the angel and she was flung towards the earth.

She instantly regained her balance in midair and flung

herself upwards back at the beast. It seemed to be grinning

and evil look, then its neck straightened, its mouthed

brightened and fire transcended towards the angel.

She dodged the column of fire, the dragon screaming in

frustration, and she soon was at the dragon again.

She shone like a star, while the dragon seemed to turn all

the light around it darker. She lifted her heavy sword and let

it sail through the air and into the great beast. Its chitin-like

were like cloth against her weapon. Blood sailed through

and she declared her victory.

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