Interstellar Draft

“Why do they always faint?”

“It must be your good looks and charm.”

As she regained consciousness, Dawn opened her eyes and realized that instead of meeting her demise in her former place of employment, she was being carried.

She was coddled like a newborn baby that left her immobile, and nothing but blinding white light filled her vision. Her lips were dry and the smell of smoke still filled her nostrils.

The voices were speaking in English.

“What are we doing with this one?”

“The same with everyone else. Ship stock. It really bothers me that these world governments don’t think they can offer something to the defense of their solar system.”

“Yeah, no kidding, it’s like they expect to sit back on their cushy planets and let every other race do the fighting for them. “

“That mandatory conscription law that the Chrilackha passed was the best thing that could ever happen with the IGDF .”

“Makes our job easier. Although I think my ears are still ringing from this one.”

Dawn whimpered.

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