This Is Bad

This is bad, this is so bad, we are screwed!

That geek was walking out of the store with a brand new Mac Book. I recognized him, he was a big-time animator I met at another one of Aaron’s software scams, and he probably just killed a cashier to get a new computer.

He’s gonna get caught, no doubt, the cops will be there any second now, and that geek is gonna spill everything. He’s gonna give a description of Aaron and any other gang members he saw there. Even me.

Right then, it just occurred to me that I might get caught, I might get killed, I might get put in the joint, and I’ll get pulverized by Chris if I survive everything just mentioned.

Something clicked inside, thought met movement, movement met action, action met impulse.

I tackled the geek with a gun, took his weapon, whipped back up and pointed the gun at the three other geeks, who scattered.

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