Crash and Burn

Fly me to the moon… nah, just another city will do. Not just any city, the city that has her in it’s confines.

It’s been a year, way too long. Even a few months would have been too long but now it’s just unbearably long. Two dozen flights a day, maybe more, and I can’t get myself on any of them. What’s been stopping me? Why haven’t I just bought a ticket and flown over there?

I can bet the plane will crash and burn if I ever got on it. That’s just the kind of luck we seem to have, with Everything. I’m not even kidding, it’s absolutely true. It’s been a series of mishaps over the last 13 months. One unexpected twist of fate after another. Not fate, I don’t believe in fate. Well, maybe I do. That’s a question for another time.

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