One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.24

His face seemed worried by my sudden change in temperment. “I’ve heard before.” My face became shrouded by anger. “Many times, I bowed my head sadly, memories danced in my head, most were painful.

I wanted to cry out, to scream, to growl. My body wanted to run and change and forget these memories, let myself be what I am. The only thing that held me in place was the fact that Dylan’s ice-cold hand rested, comfortingly, on my knee. I looked into his liquid emerald/grey eyes, my problems seemed to melt away. I jerked my eyes away and the calming feeling immediately left.

“Don’t do that!” I snapped, turning my now piercing, ice cold, blue eyes to stare at him. He immediately removed his hand and stared at the ground. “Sorry.” He muttered, obviously hurt, “just trying to help.” He turned his eyes back to my, they were still liquid, but a little darker now. My own eyes softened, the crystal blue they turned was a soothing difference. “No, its my fault, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that.” I said.

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