Adrenaline Rush

This was it, I thought to myself. One final leap off the enormous cliff and I would prove just how brave I was. I was so nervous that day that I found my heart skipping beats, as if even my involuntary actions were malfunctioning with the height. But with about twenty pairs of eyes drilling into my back, I wasn’t about to back down just because of one childish fear, and maybe a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was freezing, and the wind was whipping my hair around my face, not that I could feel it… my face was numb. I backed up about ten steps to get a running start. I pushed off with my feet as hard as I could off of the edge, and I flew. My stomach tingled as I experienced flight, if thats what you’d call jumping of a gigantic cliff for fun. It was all actually amazing, the view was spectacular… until I found myself ten feet from the icy cold water. Then the panic set in.

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