One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.27

“Besides you he was the most perfect person I had ever laid eyes on. Amazingly beautiful, dark violet eyes are what stared back. Of course being the person I am I took in his whole appearence. He had the violet eyes and dark drown hair, the front of his shirt was open and you could see his muscles.

“He knew who I was sense I met his gaze and walked to my desk, it was only then that I noticed the long knife he carried. I screamed as he got closer. His icey hand closed around my neck, lifting me onto my feet and clossing my airway. I was running out of time and kids were screaming behind me. The teacher tried to free me, but with an easy shove he sent her flying, she hit her head and was unconcious.

“I didn’t know what else to do, so I did what you would do to any other man, I kneed him in the groung. I was surprised by how fast his hand fell from my neck, I looked at all the scared students and yelled for them to run. Of course they listened, they ran and they screamed, he tried to grab me again.

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