One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.28

“I kicked him in the face, jumped over his bent over body and ran. My best friend Amie, we had been friends sense Pre-K, had been ushering kids out, she always thought of everyone before herself. We were running side by side, I could hear him growling. Suddenly we were both pulled off our feet, kids turned to watch, horrified.”

I paused again to take an even deeper breath and calm my shaky voice, his hand continued to rub my back while I now hugged my knees. “His voice had the sweet quality yours does, but the iceyness was there too. ‘So the slayer and her friend,’ I had no idea what he meant. ‘Well lets cause you some pain before you die.’ He threw me up against the locker I figured he was going to kill me slowly that way.”

I had to take another breath, I was talking so fast. “Thats when he pulled her head back, he bit her, the last thing I remember of her were her scared brown eyes, her red hair was everywhere while she struggled, and then she was still. Bleach white, with her mouth hanging open.

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