The Cheater's Date

I decided to say yes to his invitation. Maybe he had changed, I thought. I doubted my own thoughts. But I went on the date.
I got ready that night and he picked me up in his blue Cadillac at 8 o’ clock. We went to dinner in a nice little restaurant with dim lights and soft music.
As we sat and talked she came. Her voice softer than silk, skin smoother than a baby’s, hair molten gold, beauty beyond belief.
I sat there in shock, hurting on the inside, smiling on the out. I couldn’t believe this was the only reason he had brought me here.
I gawked at her appearance, and she turned to look at me, sitting down in the small wooden chair, smirking. Words I had thought of to say disappeared before they could exit my mouth.
Not again, I thought desperately. I don’t want to go through this again with him. Please, something happen to get me out of here.
And that something came soon after.

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