One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.29

“That was when I knew he was the thing I dreaded most, the things that had been haunting my dreams, with people I don’t even know.”

I stopped my body was shaking, my breath came in short gasps. “We don’t have to continue, if you don’t want to.” His voice was sweet and soft, as his hand cintinued to rub my back. ” He looked up from her white face and over at me, blood dripped down his chin. Then he came for me, I immediately began running, my legs moved faster than they ever had before.

“I ran down the steps, tripping and falling down them. I jumped up immediately, I tried to run. He easily jumped down, blocking my way, I tried to scream but he was behind me, his hand over my mouth.” I stopped again looking into his ligiud eyes but not seeing. “I did something I had never done before, as he leaned his head closer. I jerked my head forward and snapped back, he growled as my head smashed his own.”

I stopped again, the tears fell easily, watering my face and blurring my vision. It was like I was there.

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