That Lovely Life

I feel so lost, confused, and restless as I’m trying to think back.
But now I confess that I got myself into this mess and is surrounded by never ending troubles.
I try to think of a way to get out but evey idea seems to have a doubt about the way I should finnish this and maybe end it all.
My thoughts were rushing my heart was pounding and then I realized it all. I’ll let a bullet into my head with nothing done and nothing said and as I say my final goodbyes you look at me and ask me why. I’ll say I needed you, I loved you, but you never loved me back that this is not a lie but a hard-cover fact that you were caught up in your lovely life and never thought of me as to say ‘hello’ but now its too late. You had your chance and I hope you regret it that life is done and nothing can change it.

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