Lyrics Challenge! For all you music lovers!

Ok! So! I was just messing around today and listening to music…when this idea just hit me! so i have a challenge for you guys. I have no clue if you’ll like it or not…but whatever its my first challenge thinnggiee. So. you have a choice of TWO things. K so one is to make a poem ENTIRELY out of lyrics from different songs…but you MUST put them in quotations and you MUST give credit to the artists in a sequel…otherwise you can, you know, get like arrested. The other one is to choose a line from one of your favorite songs and make a story off of it! I’ll have one from the first option on here sometime in the next couple days…im jsut real busy. So this is def a challenge for all you music lovers! So comment this and tell me if its like..a stupid idea haha. So anyways happy writing!

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