Thoughts while waiting

He stood waiting for her to deplane. He didn’t think he was this nervous her first trip to his place, but then again he hadn’t picked her up. He’d been stuck at work and begged a friend to pick her up at the airport. He’d never done a long distance relationship before. Usually things broke up at that point for lack of effort. His focus on his career usually had something to do with it as well.

She was focused on her career as well, but hers she could walk away from after a 12 hour shift and leave it all behind. She was a travel nurse. She worked at various hospitals for an agency.

Probably what had him more nervous is when he was on the phone last week with her one of her recruiters called. Apparently it was getting close to time to renegotiate her contract. And he was really hoping to talk her into finding a location near him for the next contract.

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