Truly Invincle For A Differant Purpose

The soldiers, there were at least five hundred of them storming me, all stared as my built-in pack glowed with sudden heat and the hydrogen fuel cells ignited.

The blast radius of the explosion reached for miles around, destroying everything, leaving a gigantic crater. It killed every single one of them, even me.

However, death is not something that can stop me. My headquarters had cloned my DNA , rebuilding me to be even better. Thus I was, indirectly, brought back to life. I didn’t have any memories of my past experiences until they salvaged my memory unit. It works very similar to an airplane’s black box, it’s indestructible, even against the force of a double hydrogen fuel cell explosion. Since then, I got all of my memories back. I went through even more program downloads, more training. I was enhanced to an even more god-like state.

I, now, am truly invincible, always will be.

The mission when I died was the only mission I failed. I was my last mission. I has built for a differant purpose this time.

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