Finally Noticed

I wonder what was going on there… Anthony thought as he sat down and got to work.

Anthony hates his job, but he makes good money off of it. Heck, sometimes he thinks it’s worth it some mornings! He was to write a few reports a day for the three software companies the company he works at owns, check and respond to e-mail several times a day, and go to four different meetings every other day. There just aren’t enough hours in a day for Anthony!

One of the few good things the shows itself every now and again at Anthony’s work is that he is a part of a couple of e-mail chains. He set a few up with some of his buddies from college and receives hilarious e-mails from his old friends.

Today was one of those days. Anthony received an e-mail, making him laugh out loud and at the same time, raising his pen, along with several papers on his desk.

Anthony noticed fully.

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