The New Guy

On his very first day on the job, Alec Turner couldn’t help but admire his boss.

Sadly, Mr. Sanders didn’t admire him back.

Working at his cubicle in the office, Mr. Sanders would come by, yelling at him to work harder.

“You’re way behind schedule,” he would say, frowning, “You better keep up, or else you’re out of here.”

But sometimes, instead of working harder, he would work even slowler. And just so he could see “the big man.”

While other female co-workers would flirt with him, Alec set his eyes on men. And you guessed it, especially Mr. Sanders.

On Valentine’s Day, the female co-workers left valentines on Alec’s desk, but he threw them away. He himself wanted to leave a valentine for Mr. Sanders, but surely, he thought, he would get fired.

But just to be cute, he left a Hershey’s Kiss on his desk, which later Alec saw him eating.

Quite pleased, Alec still fell all the way back in Mr. Sanders “schedule”, which then lead him to be fired several weeks later.

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