But She's Afraid to Let You In

“Hey Maggs, you okay?â€? asked Sara, touching her friend on the shoulder. “You seemed kinda off yesterday. You just took off.â€?

They were in the mall. Sara had spotted Maggie nibbling on a slice of pizza by the fountain. Maggie could see she was there with her boyfriend, Trevor, the gorgeous tennis star.

She shrugged off Sara’s perfectly manicured hand. Maggie knew she didn’t really care, knew that Sara had better things to do than worry about her.

“I’m fine,â€? she said softly, slightly depressed by Sara beauty. She wasn’t exactly jealous, but Sara’s slight figure did make her feel like suddenly tossing her pizza.

“You sure?â€? asked Sara, big green eyes shining with pity.

Maggie hated it. She plastered on the rusty smile on and laughed.

“Yeah, I’m sure it was just PMS or something!â€?

I should be an actor, she thought bitterly.

And that was Maggie’s greatest flaw. She wanted, so much, so badly to be loved. But she was afraid. So much so she couldn’t see how much people already did.

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