They were mad

My parents were not happy.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know who they were mad at:

Me, Sam, the principal for not letting them deal with our fight, the gardeners (they accidentaly ruined my mom’s favorite roses), the weather man (it wasn’t supposed to be raining today), the good ol’ TV guide (it was wrong- making them miss the premier of some new show), or our neighbors, because they kinda re-painted the outside of our house (okay, on this one I was just kidding.)

But the point was they were mad.

Just like any traditional family, they blamed it on the teenager in the house.

The whole “teenagers get upset because of hormones” crap is a conspiracy. Us teenagers are never mad. Teenagers are the most loving people I have ever met. (from the confines of my room ofcourse, im grounded now) Adults just blame the problems that they encounter in their insecure lives on young people.

Being grounded makes one want to get-out.

This was when I climbed out of my window, leaving the house.

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