Jason's Pain

Now I’ll never get my project completed on time. It’s not one of the more common thoughts that goes through one’s mind when they’re flipping up and over the hood of a speeding car but then, Jason wasn’t one of your more common human beings. With an intellect somewhere between “Scary Smart” and “Rocket Scientist,” he could wrangle convoluted chemical reactions with ease but had trouble with simple things, like looking both ways before crossing the street.
The adrenaline coursing through his veins had that glorious effect of making time slow down and amplifying the senses. In this heightened state of awareness, he noticed a small, 1inch crack in the upper-right corner of windshield near the red and black Jiffy-Lube sticker as his left hip made contact with the passenger-side windshield wiper blade. After sliding up and onto the roof of the car and continuing his lateral movement from passenger side to driver side, he spied a quarter lying next to a crushed McDonald’s cup about 28 inches from the far curb.

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