Do Your Worst: I'm Ready

You wish your games and more-than-obvious hints will unsettle me,
will push me over the edge,
but to be honest, they don’t even faze me.
Like you said, I’ve made my decision,
I did what was best for me.
You can say all you want,
you can do as you wish; I get it.
I know what you think of him,
that he will only cause me pain,
that he’s a liar, and he takes me for granted,
but as you don’t care,
theres no point in warning me.

I’ve gotten over my weakness,
my often Petrarchan tendencies,
so its time for you to get over yourself.
Who do you think you’re fooling?
I see right through your tough exterior,
your careless, ignorant attitude.
You pretend not to care when on the inside,
you’re destroyed.
Denial works for a short time,
but in the long run it brings more pain.
Acting as if you could bring me down only makes you the fool,
but if you must, then proceed.
Do your worst:
I’m ready.

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