My Heart is Beating for Him

The next day Scott and I were walking to our lockers and Mac was there waiting. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

Mac: Hey Kat! Scott…
Me: Hey!
Scott: Hello.
Mac: If you don’t mind Scott, I would like to talk to Kat.
Scott: Oh sure sure… See ya in class Kat.
Me: Ya see ya!

Scott walks away and I turn to Mac. Does he want to ask me out? My heart starts racing. He seemed nervous too.

Me: Sup?
Mac: I’ll just say it. Will you go out with me?
Me: Of course I will.
Mac: Cool, I’ll call you tonight with the plains.
Me: Make sure you call me after six. I have practice before them.
Mac: With Scott?
Me: Ya, with Scott, who else would I do pairs skating with?
Mac: What ever walk you to class?
Me: Sure!

We walk to class and walk past Scott who half smiled at me and glared at Mac. I wasn’t completely paying attention though, I was too happy. I got asked out by a guy I really like, I must be dreaming.

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