What Nightmares May Come (cont.)

In my slumber my heart began to race. He was grotesquely withered and sinewy in the face, but his bones under the water had been picked clean long ago. I leaned closer as a sparkle caught my eye. That’s when I heard him.

I have killed many, and here I lie. They went after me treasure! You want me treasure! I’ll kill you!

Even though being alive, I had the clear advantage, in my dream I believed him. After all, he was speaking without moving, and I was hearing his message without sound. I felt his threat could only be as real.

Then he showed me a vision. Firstly of a drowned female body in all its gory, graphic detail. Secondly a spot on the floor of this very cavern.

When I came out of my entranced state of vision reception, it was like a fog lifted and my senses became aware one by one. I heard the trickling water, smelled the moldy dampness, felt the boat’s rough edge in my ribs, and shook my head to clear it. Lastly, I opened my eyes and he was sitting up!

I screamed and woke, just like last night.

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