Freakish Love (Twilight Challenge)

I stood at the corner, waiting for him to come pick me up. It was always like that, cold, and I wasn’t allowed to wear a sweatshirt. Mike said it was better that way. I looked up, just tilted my head back, really, and was dismayed to see that the stars were invisible tonight. They’d been driven off by the harsh streetlights, abuzz with moths in the dim purple of twilight.

The sun sank low in the sky, and a silver Toyota pulled up to the curb. I put on my best nervous face and stepped forward. “Hey, are you ok? This is a pretty bad neighborhood.” I nodded, stoic, searching the alleyways for Mike. “Here, do you want a ride? My name’s Dave…” he continued as my eyes ran over the darkened streets. All of a sudden, Mike was on me, grabbing my purse and running away.

The guy got out of his car in a flash, desperate to play the hero. I followed them into an alley, where Mike was beating him senseless. Mike smiled as he pulled the knife on him. He’d never been less human or more beautiful.

I love my criminal.

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