A Living Breathing Work Of Art

Does art imitate life, or is it vice versa? The short of it is, most people don’t care…

Some however, do, and they feel so driven to create art, that their very lives mimic it (at least to them).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something incredibly stupid, and then thought to myself “Now if only I had a sitcom style laugh track to accompany this mistake…” Why did I reason that way? Because art has trained me too.

I’ve even found myself cheated or wronged, and I think “It can’t end like this, I’m the good guy, and the good guy always comes out on top!” Should the situation continue, I just reason that I’m part of a very long story arc.

Even in love, I believed that my rejected state would reverse itself, and the girl would come running back into my arms at any moment (cue orchestra and credits). I surmised that the ensuing fights from my attempts to force this were all just a part of the plot…

If your life imitates art too, fear not the sad ending, for there’s always the denouement.

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