Advertising Ennui

Right guys – Project DripFeed. I want very subtle advertising and I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to know that each of you have brought millions of new customers to our wonderful brand – I don’t want to spend a single cent on this campaign: no adverts, no PPC campaign, no t shirts, stickers, posters or billboards – all I want to know is that some more people might have heard about this product. Maybe. No metrics, no surveys, no TV – just grass roots word of mouth. This has to be better than Project TrolleyDrop – too many of you were caught by store security, and better than that silly mac that Geoff was wearing promoting that energy drink. Try to drop this into conversations, blogs, forums, post pictures on Flickr, whatever… you decide. $5000 bonus for the most totally un advertising like way that gets the most exposure but can’t be traced back to here. Got it? Any questions? No? OK… go!

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