The guy blew a perfect smoke ring, snapped his fingers. The smoke ring expanded and shrouded the whole room on a smoky haze, blinding me.

“Wh-whatthehell?” I coughed a sputtered.

All of the sudden, the smoke ring shrunk, leaving me and the sharply dressed man in a stone room with my diner seat turned into a a high-backed and ice cold chair. The smoke ring hovered atop the man’s head, like a lop-sided halo.

I almost jumped out of my seat.

This is not happening, he had to have put something in my drink.

“Ok, here’s the deal.” The man said. “I will give you unimaginable power, in exchange for your soul.”

This guy is hitting off a crack pipe…

“Surre, go ahead.” I said.

This is just a drug-induced fantasy anyway.

“Ok.” The man grinned.

The room went black. A ring of fire swung around where the man stood. White light poured out of my eyes and mouth. The light formed a ball, which placed itself in the man’s hand.

“Seeya, kid.” He said, and I woke up in my bed, sweating gallons.

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