Lying and Fighting, Somethings Up

We walk to class and walk past Scott who half smiled at me and glared at Mac. I wasn’t completely paying attention though, I was too happy. I got asked out by a guy I really like, I must be dreaming.
Me: Bye.
Mac: Bye.

I walk into class and sit down. Scott walks in and sits next to me a second later.

Scott: Let me guess, Mac asked you?
Me: Yes!
Scott: Goodie…
Me: I am so excited.

Scott had a frown on his face and wouldn’t look at me. What is wrong with him?

Scott: I am happy for you.
Me: Thanks. Are you ok?
Scott: Me? Ya, ya sure.
Me: OooK.

He is a very bad liar.

Scott: So how many lifts are you looking to land in a row today.

Changing the subject, another indication that he was lying.

Me: Seven.
Scott: Seven! Hey, I have to lift you, what if I screw up. You might get mad at me.
Me: Nah, I could never to that, we are too good of friends.
Scott: Ok, you say that now, we will see.
Me: Are you trying to fight with me.

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