Maybe that’s why she didn’t see the jar until it came overhead. She screamed and banged the sides of the jar.

“Lemme out!!!”

A face looked in at her, blinking huge green eyes.

“Got you, finally!” a high-pitched, loud voice said.


“You’ve been depollenating my dais— OOPS ! Nevermind, I’m so sorry, I thought you were somebody else.” The jar lifted and Katrina fluttered away.

Her wings began to grow tired again, so she sat against a shrub stem, thinking, I’ve got to come up with a plan to get him off my back. She froze, and her eyes widened. She was free for the time, which meant she could turn him in for illegal fairy hunting! But she had to rest her wings—along with the rest of her body—first. She closed her weary eyes, drifting into a light sleep where dreams weaved in and out like reeds in a basket.

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