What More Nightmares May Come

I didn’t know what to do about the nightmares. I couldn’t do what the creepy dead pirate seemed to want me to do, find his treasure. I didn’t know any house with a basement cave, nor would I even get invited to a party.

I shrugged it off as stress and went on about my day.

I was apprehensive about falling asleep the next night, so I read a boring, uneventful, and lengthy story until my eyes drooped. I thought there was no way my subconscious could make a nightmare out of that!

I dreamt I was in a garden. I was wandering around in the beautiful colors and sweet green smells. I saw a clear spring and decided to go look in it. I settled onto my knees and leaned over the edge. I expected to see my auburn hair and pallid skin.

Instead I saw a zombie. The dark circles around the eyes, the bloody scars, the vacant stare, all horrified me. I jumped back, waking.

My room was dark. One small reading light shining beside my bed was enough to illuminate my reflection in the dresser mirror.
A scared me looked back.

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