Double-Lined Converse

His hair is dark, but light somehow. Like a sunset, not bright, but not dull. His eyes, they take my breath away, blue that reminds me of the ocean. I love the ocean. He has a “Low vs. Diamond” t-shirt on and faded, worn out jeans. His converse… they are beautiful… the double lined type, that make it look like you have two shoes on, with the inside one navy blue and the outside one dark forest green.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”, he says as we start to stand up.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I’m Landon.”, he says handing me my pen.

“Landon… okay, I better go… class.”


I say turning back around to face him, “Yeah?”

“Do I get a name?”, he says gesturing like a prince does in a fairy tale when he asks you to dance, “I mean, I know I just knocked your books down and probably made you lose a pencil, but I did apologize.” He ends his sarcasm with a smile.


“Cassie… Well then, Cassie, you better get off to class, don’t want to miss the boredom.”

This time I didn’t care if anyone was looking.

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