No Matter What

Sora thought she heard a thud in the distance, but shook her head; it was probably just her imagination. She felt her way towards the door, trying to find which way was which.

Finally, her thin hand clasped onto the doorknob, and she turned it, almost hopelessly. To her utter surprise, the door jiggled a little bit, and she heard the sharp clang of keys on the other side.

Hope sparked deep within her, and she reached up feebly, trying to see if the door actually had a window. Soon, she felt the harsh scrape of aged metal against her soft skin and she reached out.

She groaned in frustration; just as she thought. The keys were way out of her reach. But Sora wasn’t giving up that easily.

She got down on her hands and knees, and felt around for a loose rock. Her fingers started bleeding at some point; she didn’t know when.

All Sora knew was that she hated being alone.

And she had to get out, no matter what.

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